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Whether you are an entrepreneur, a professional, or looking for a job, the goal is to discover your strengths and enhance them, identify your weaknesses and improve them so you can express your full potential.

How to do that?

Simple, with the DReCT Test!

What can you do with the DReCT Test?

You can measure your soft skills and analyze yourself on 4 different areas:


Explore the 4 areas of DReCT


Know how to handle situations of conflict and confrontation

Assessment of the ability to relate to others by clearly and effectively expressing one’s opinions, without running away from confrontation or showing aggressive attitudes.


Ability to cope with tensions and moments of stress

Analysis of the ability to handle tensions produced by the work environment, maintaining control of one’s reactions and implementing effective compensatory strategies.


Aptitude for communicating and sharing information

Evaluation of the ability to exchange information with others and to ensure the effectiveness of the communication process through the proper use of feedback.


Knowing how to seize opportunities for improvement

Analysis of the drive for change and improvement self, along with the willingness to pay the price in terms of commitments and renunciations.

What does the report include?

  1. Indicator of overall potential and the 4 skill areas.
  2. Indicators of the levels of the 16 basic skills.
  3. Orientation with respect to the two trend axes.
  4. Placement in one of the 4 Quadrant areas.
  5. Ranking of key strengths.
  6. Summary profile by our experts.

Optional PDF report that can be purchased after completion of the test and free viewing of the results


Being in the right place is the optimal condition for giving one’s best.

The DReCT Quadrant in the report shows at a glance your overall potential, your possible area of employment through your position in one of the 4 areas represented in the graph and with respect to the two axes Affirmation/Sharing and Rebalance/Dynamics.

The 4 areas of the Quadrant are:

  1. Area of Mediation
  2. Area of Creativity
  3. Area of Control
  4. Area of Application

Answers to frequently asked questions

What is the scope of application?

The DReCT is an assessment model for soft skills.

How is the DReCT test structured?

Provides for 176 short multiple-choice questions

What is the test execution time?

30 minutes

How are the results presented?

Detailed report and analysis by one of our experts

have used the DReCT

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