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Learn about tools for verifying and assessing competencies

Are you a recruiter, a corporate coach, or do you have a training agency?

With our assessments, you can evaluate, balance, and verify the cross-functional skills of your candidates or of all those who are already part of a work group.


Do you want to plan, distribute and analyze online tests with minimum effort and maximum results? From today it’s simple. Find how.


Complete and consolidate the results with self-perception analysis and calibration functions.


The strengths and weaknesses of each depend on the context in which it operates. For this reason, each individual result takes on a specific value in relation to the results of the entire group.


Establish the requirements of your professional profiles.

Assessment Center will immediately and clearly indicate which profiles

personal data are compatible, which ones are not and why.


Identify skill or aptitude gaps in the group, define priorities and develop the strategy to fill them.

How to do? With Skill Attitude Assessment Center!

Assessment Center

Assessment Center is not only a test for the analysis of soft skills, but a comprehensive method for managing all activities related to the assessment and development of people.

Easy and intuitive

You have everything under control and in one environment. In our back end you can check the status of your resources in real time, whether they have been evaluated or need to complete assigned tests. You can add new users and start assessment campaigns in just a few clicks. And at any time you can check the overall level of assessed skills.

Immediate report

The Assessement center automatically generates a detailed report available immediately in the management system. Here you can analyze the overall result, the values of the skills that make up the 4 areas, and calibrate the results so that you have a complete and in-depth picture of the person being examined. You can also send the report to the candidate in real time, directly from the management system.

With a simple click!

Advanced functions

With the right information and tools, you can’t go wrong. The DReCT management system is a comprehensive environment for all assessments. You can check the compatibility of the reviewed user in relation to a specific role and the level required for the skills in question, benchmark within the team, and get a detailed view of training needs.


With our partner program you can provide Skill Attitude assessments through our app, which your users will access through your personalized page. You can also characterize the PDF reports with your brand.

No fixed costs. You will only pay for the assessments you intend to provide. At an incredible price!

Identify the best one and don’t miss it

Analyze the results of the DReCT and PACE tests and discover the profile closest to the expected levels for the position you are seeking.

Develops the performance of the entire team

Keep an eye on the group and constantly measure the compatibility of resources to the role.

  • Identify strengths and enhance them
  • Discover weaknesses


Do you want to deliver our assessments quickly and easily and, above all, with your brand?

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