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Measure your aptitude for leadership and team working and reveal your hidden potential

Discover your aptitude for leadership and team working

Whether you are an entrepreneur, professional, or job seeker, the ability to work in a team and an aptitude for leadership are among the most in-demand aptitudes in the professional field. Knowing your potential is critical to growing and maintaining a solid, goal-focused work environment.

How to do it? Simple, with the PACE Test!

What can you do with the PACE test?

You can learn more about yourself and assess your aptitudes on 4 different areas:


Explore the 4 areas of PACE


Know how to recognize priorities and pursue goals

Measures the aptitude for vigorously pursuing set results, even at the expense of the relationship with other group members and internal balances.


Develop relationships and know how to negotiate

Analyzes the ability to develop relationships with other team members. Checks the aptitude for listening, empathizing with the interlocutor and the ability to negotiate, always finding common ground.


Being flexible and ready for change

Assesses the ability to constantly seek innovation and improvement in the processes and operating methods adopted in the organization, questioning methods and tools in use.


Carry out assigned tasks correctly

Evaluates the ability to carry out the required activities, in the prescribed manner, reliably and by returning to its managers all information useful for managing the process.


  1. Indicator of the overall potential of the 4 aptitude areas.
  2. Indicators of the levels of the 12 aptitudes.
  3. Orientation with respect to the two trend axes.
  4. Placement in one of the 4 Quadrant areas.
  5. Ranking of key strengths.
  6. Summary profile by our experts.

Optional PDF report that can be purchased after completion of the test and free viewing of the results


Filling the role best suited to one’s aptitudes is the optimal condition for giving one’s best. Especially in a team.

The PACE Quadrant, found in the final report, shows at a glance your overall potential, your position in one of the four areas represented in the chart and with respect to the two axes Reiteration/Innovation and Integration/Resolution.

The 4 areas of the Quadrant are:

  1. Area of Transaction
  2. Area of Transformation
  3. Area of Conservation
  4. Area of Efficiency

Answers to frequently asked questions

What scope of application?

PACE is an analysis model on Leadership and Teamworking

How is the PACE test structured?

Provides 48 short stories out of which to choose an ending

What is the test execution time?

30 minutes

How are the results presented?

Detailed report and analysis by one of our experts

Have used the PACE

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