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Does your organization already use assessments and would you like to enhance their function?

Is there a test you like that you would like to deliver in a cost-effective and functional way?

Have you developed your own competency assessment method and are looking for a technical partner to implement a business solution?

The answer to all these questions is only one:

Skill Attitude!

Thanks to our proprietary Assessment Center platform, we can implement tests of all kinds by providing customized turnkey assessment solutions. Quickly and cost-effectively. Reports for returning results (personal and group) will be defined according to your needs and can be extensively customized.

In addition, any solution developed with Assessment Center, will automatically offer the following benefits:

No infrastructure costs

Assessment Center is a SaaS solution that you pay for on a per-use basis, with no fixed costs of server maintenance or software usage fees.

Data Protection

The test data you provide are protected from access by third parties and remain your exclusive property.


Assessments may be delivered in multiple languages. Reports may be generated in any supported language, regardless of the language in which the assessment was delivered.

Administration system

Test results can be managed, even by multiple assessors, on the Assessment Center back-end system, with all its outstanding advanced features: advanced management of delivery credits, calibration of results, comparative analysis, compatibility analysis against expected profiles, and training needs analysis.

Assessment batteries

Each customized instance can allow the delivery of several different assessments and also the comparison of the results of the same assessment at different times.

App front end

Assessment delivery is done through the Assessment center app, which can be customized and accommodate other features as well, but retains all the features and benefits of the Skill Attitude app, designed specifically for quick and easy use, especially from mobile.


Skill attitude already supports several companies that have created their own assessment platform with specific content for applications in different fields.

UNIVERSITA.IT is the main Italian portal for information and orientation on the world of university education. In the spring of 2023, the portal created an aptitude orientation test, the TOST – Orientation Test for Tertiary Studies, which is delivered on the portal through a customization of the SkillAttitude Assessment Center platform.

The test, made up of 64 questions, allows interested users to obtain answers in just ten minutes on: General motivation to further study, indicating aptitude for disciplinary specialization rather than multidisciplinarity, level of specific interest in each of the 16 main disciplinary areas, propensity to study abstract disciplines rather than technical and practical applications.

Every day the test is administered free of charge to around 20 users of and the portal uses the data collected for lead generation activities.


Lean People is a site that offers online training courses on Lean Thinking and Smart Business. It also collaborates with eCampus University to create the first Italian master’s degree in Smart Business Management.

Lean People commissioned Skill Attitude to conduct a test to analyze “Digital Readiness”, i.e. the user’s propensity to trust and employ new digital paradigms in everyday life.

Specifically, the test highlights the involvement of each user in the use of digital systems in four general areas, called Seek, Steer, Shift and Share and relating respectively to the search for information, decision making, process innovation and sharing . The test, released in October 2023, will be accessible for free and will be used for lead generation activities.


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